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Our Planning Your Next Chapter programme includes a personalised, step by step process to identify the issues that are important to you.  Transition support will enable you to develop a roadmap and specific actions, and to tap into a set of practical tools that will help you in the period leading up to and through the transition itself, as well as beyond it.


Listening and Mapping

Listening and mapping

This is the starting point, the opportunity to describe your current position, identify issues, concerns (and worries), as well as any constraints you may have, and to set out any ideas about future direction that may be emerging. It is also the time to articulate as many questions as possible, even if it is too soon to answer many of them. In this phase you will meet your Transition Advisor, be introduced to Circle Square membership, and experience two Pathfinder™ sessions.
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Build your roadmap

Planning and committing

This is the moment to start developing a plan, a roadmap for the way forwards. The outputs from Pathfinder™ will be important inputs, throwing up ideas, the affirmation of some existing thinking, and potentially some new perspectives and areas of focus. This will enable the elements of the roadmap to be set down, followed by prioritisation/sequencing and a plan for execution.
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Build your roadmap

Execution and follow-up

This phase is about putting everything in place. Starting with a review of planned actions and outcomes, taking account of any iteration as appropriate, this is the moment to develop an action plan that will turn your aspirations into reality.
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What our members say

Circle Square delivered high quality advice and guidance within a framework that benefitted both me and my firm.
Planning Your Next Chapter strikes the right balance between structured and unstructured, it’s a journey that moves at your own pace. Compared to other standard ‘one size fits all’ coaching offerings, this is a much more personal transformation and it’s designed to suit you, nobody else.
It’s a transition framework has all the components you need for your next chapter and it’s far superior to the competition.
I came away with a deeper sense-of-self, more grounded and with more perspective and confidence – without this guidance, I could have felt paralysed by my situation full of so many unknowns.
I left my company a couple of weeks ago and already I’ve had two charity trustee opportunities to pursue thanks to Circle Square. I’m looking forward to my continued membership of Circle Sq., as a way of making new contacts and exploring different areas of interest.
Circle Square has a different approach to regular coaching. Their team offered me so much more – the challenge of the Pathfinder process, the calibre of coaches and their network of new people with fresh perspectives.

Set Your Direction

Pathfinder™ is our unique tool to illuminate and inspire your future.

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Practical and wise transition support to jump-start your next chapter.

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Unmatched access to the most experienced and diverse mentoring talent.

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A vibrant 50+ peer network, inspiring countless opportunities.

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