Take the time to plan for a meaningful next chapter – it’s worth it!

Embark on a journey towards a fulfilling future with our bespoke career transition programme, “Planning Your Next Chapter.” Led by our expert coaches and advisors, our unique and comprehensive programme is aimed to help you move beyond your formal career towards new opportunities.

We help you to navigate this adventure in a personal and meaningful way, to build on and amplify the wisdom and expertise you have acquired over the years.  We know career transition can be challenging and unexpected; we understand what it takes to make your next chapter inspiring and purposeful.

Our programme delivers personal and practical support, helping you to uncover new opportunities aligned with your life goals, values and expertise. At the heart of the programme is our Pathfinder™ direction-setting tool which unlocks ideas and motivation to encourage you to visualise your future. And our well-connected Circle Square community gives you access to experienced people with wide interests from across our network who can support you in exploring exciting new possibilities.


Look ahead

The best is yet to come.

We support your successful transition from where you are today to an empowering, creative and exciting next chapter.

Our Planning Your Next Chapter programme is individually tailored, enabling you to:

  • ✓ Find new directions with Pathfinder™
  • ✓ Be guided by an expert team of advisors
  • ✓ Unlock fresh ideas and inspiration in 1:1 sessions
  • ✓ Leverage the insight of peer mentors
  • ✓ Put wisdom to work with new opportunities
  • ✓ Belong to an enriching community
  • ✓ Dive into exciting Circle Square events and activities
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Planning your next chapter

Set Your Direction

Pathfinder™ is our unique tool to illuminate and inspire your future.

Set your direction
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Build your Roadmap

Practical and wise transition support to jump-start your next chapter.

Build your roadmap
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Engage with Mentors

Unmatched access to the most experienced and diverse mentoring talent.

Engage with mentors
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Be Part of the Circle Square Membership

A vibrant 50+ peer network, inspiring countless opportunities.

Widen your network
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The programme gave me clarity on how I wanted to live my next chapter. The Pathfinder methodology is simple yet effective … able to clear out my mental clutter, distilling everything down to the things that are important and meaningful to me. It became clear that mentoring and charity work held most meaning for me and so, thanks to Circle Square support, I have taken this forward.
Former Corporate Lawyer at leading global law firm
Planning Your Next Chapter strikes the right balance between structured and unstructured. It’s a journey that moves at your own pace. Compared to other standard ‘one size fits all’ coaching offerings, this is a much more personal transformation and it’s designed to suit you, nobody else.”
Former Managing Partner at leading investment bank
From my interactions with my coach, I have to say that she is a supremely well-qualified career transition advisor with a wealth of relevant experience. Talking to someone who’s ‘been there and done that’ was very powerful. I came away from each session with a more positive outlook and a deeper sense of purpose.
Former Partner at top 5 accountancy firm
The value of the Planning Your Next Chapter programme is that it forces you to think about the future and what you might do next; it makes you move forward. When the time comes, my transition to retirement will no doubt still be challenging, but much less than it would have been.
Corporate Lawyer at magic circle law firm
There is no pre-determined process, which I liked. Planning Your Next Chapter is about you and the programme is built around you – no-one else. The generosity of the Circle Square team was striking. They were warm; inclusive and welcoming and these intangibles make the experience all the richer.
Former Chief Executive at a not-for-profit
I’d certainly recommend Circle Square’s Planning Your Next Chapter programme to colleagues. The Pathfinder were extremely eye-opening. As a lawyer this level of personal self-reflection was outside my comfort zone. It was an odd experience but led to useful conclusions that I’m very grateful for. As a result of the programme, I was able to transition into two exciting new roles
Corporate Lawyer at magic circle law firm

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