The power of peer mentoring

At Circle Square, we believe we can do more, when we share ideas, insights and plans with each other. We’re more resolute and effective, as a circle, when we can help and complement each other’s strengths. And we share our wisdom, skills and expertise with others too.

Mentoring at Circle Square

Across our member network, Circle Square represents a wide range of professional backgrounds including: entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, partners in professional services firms, journalists, property developers, academics, bankers, psychologists, corporate executives and CEOs, charity trustees, musicians, teachers, film producers and more.

This gives us unrivalled access to a range of mentors across different sectors. Members can opt to become mentors and can get involved in a variety of ways:

  • Supporting Partner Transition clients as part of our Planning Your Next Chapter programme
  • Supporting charity CEOs
  • Supporting small business founders and leaders

Our partnership with CAN Invest

Circle Square has partnered with CAN Invest, an organisation that provides capital and business support to help charities and social enterprises to increase their social impact, and improve their business operations and financial sustainability.

A key focus for CAN is accelerating impact through mentor support. Leveraging the diverse skill set of our Circle Square membership, we can offer guidance, business acumen and expertise to social enterprises in several different ways:

  1. On a medium-term mentoring basis, helping CEOs or Boards of social enterprises to manage their organisations’ development such as undertaking a restructure or launching a new for-profit service (e.g. 3-9 months)
  2. On a short-term advisory basis, helping a social enterprise create a specific output or complete a specific process, to meet a short term business challenge (e.g. 1-2 months)
  3. One-off feedback opportunities such as supporting with a pitch development or offering advice on a particular challenge they face (e.g. 30-90 minute session)

The Circle Square opportunity

We help match our members with rewarding mentoring opportunities either within our network or beyond, working with partners such as CAN.

For more information on becoming a mentor, please contact Teresa, our membership co-ordinator, at

What our members say

The calibre of my mentors is worth mentioning. They had been through a similar journey to mine, which instantly added credibility. We could connect - and respect - each other as peers.
Planning Your Next Chapter Alumnus
What stands out is the value in having mentors who have trodden the same path and are clearly best-in-class at what they do.
Planning Your Next Chapter Alumnus
The programme gave me clarity on how I wanted to live my next chapter. It became clear that mentoring and charity work held most meaning for me and so, thanks to Circle Sq. support, I have taken this forward with a trusteeship at the Faith & Belief Form, as well as mentoring for City University and UCL. I’m also excited at the prospect of becoming a business advisor for the Young Enterprise schools programme as well as becoming more involved with mentoring peers through the Circle Square network.
Planning Your Next Chapter Alumnus

About CAN

CAN is a registered charity trading as a social enterprise and is committed to helping other charities and social ventures to become more sustainable, more impactful, and where appropriate, to grow.

Founded in 1998, CAN is now the UK’s largest provider of premises, skills and finance exclusively for Third Sector organisations.

Through CAN Mezzanine, we provide quality, open-plan office accommodation for London-based charities and social enterprises.

Through CAN Invest we:

  • Work as a niche social investor in enterprising charities, providing venture capital, blended capital and unsecured loans
  • Provide business services to help social organisations to become business ready, get ready to take on social investment, and to effectively manage their social impact
  • Manage a unique social business accelerator, CAN³, which helps social enterprises increase their trading income and deepen their social impact.

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