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Leaving behind a better planet for future generations is one part of our legacy; indeed, our members recognise the importance of sustainability and the seriousness of the climate emergency.   At Circle Square, we are dedicated to raising awareness and finding ways to participate in environmental initiatives in the community that can make a difference.  Our Circle Square Green Manifesto outlines our aims to operate sustainably, partner consciously, and contribute proactively.

We partner with several green organisations, including Friends of the Earth, Forum for the Future, Energy4All, and Power Up North London to find ways to make an impact.


Circle Square Green Approach

We’re excited to launch our Circle Square Green Manifesto, with the aims of:

1. Operating Sustainably

Circle Square is a virtual team without fixed office premises, only travelling when absolutely necessary, using public transport to reduce our carbon footprint. Our events programme always features locally-sourced produce, and we recycle all waste. We often include environmental topics in our events programme. We will strive to maintain this sustainable approach and make even more environmentally friendly choices as an organisation.

2. Partnering Consciously

We’re proud to work with UK-wide green charities and non-government organisations, such as Friends of the Earth and Forum for the Future. We also seek Marketplace partners who possess strong sustainability credentials. For instance, our accountancy partner, BKL, is among the few UK accountancy firms to be a Certified B Corporation. This certification recognises their dedication to acting ethically and with purpose, rather than just for profit. Moving forward, we aim to amplify the work of our green charity partners and select future Marketplace partners based on their sustainability credentials.

3. Contributing Proactively

Circle Square has begun to develop collaborations with organisations working to improve the environment such as Energy4All, which supports renewable energy cooperatives, and Power Up North London, a group of passionate volunteers who work within their local community to fund, install, own, and manage low-carbon energy solutions. With their support, Circle Square is currently pursuing four community renewable energy projects at various stages of development.

The objectives of these projects include accelerating access to financing for renewable energy initiatives, enabling individuals to participate directly, reducing reliance on the national grid, and supporting public places that use large amounts of energy but struggle to transition to green energy independently.

Friends of the Earth

One of our Green charity Partners is Friends of the Earth,  the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaigning organisation.

Their dedication to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it has been remarkable. Their campaigns for the protection of our forests, our bees and our oceans, and the promotion of cleaner, greener solutions have been a catalyst for change. In the 90s, Friends of the Earth persuaded the UK government that recycling was possible. In 2008, the Climate Change Act was driven and inspired by Friends of the Earth, tying the government to specific climate targets. And in 2015, their protests dealt a blow to the UK’s destructive fracking industry.

Today, Friends of the Earth is actively running campaigns on:

Tackling the climate emergency

Protecting wildlife and nature

Ending plastic pollution

There are several ways in which you can get involved:

  • Support campaigning efforts by signing petitions that help exert pressure on governments on key issues.
  • Drive action by helping with fund-raising or making a donation.
  • Become part of the solution: start with simple lifestyle changes such as reducing meat/dairy consumption, alternative heating solutions and electric car adoption.
  • Put your skills to work. Like any charity, Friends of the Earth relies on its volunteers and there are opportunities for pro bono work in areas of legal, financial and HR.

For more information on how you can support Friends of the Earth, please contact Jo Finburgh at jo.finburgh@foe.co.uk. Jo has been with Friends of the Earth for nearly 20 years and would be delighted to share more about the organisation with you.

Together we can do more

For further information on joining Circle Square Green, please drop us an email at info@sharecirclesquare.com.  Lets make a difference.



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