Trusted IT Support

Circle Square has recognized the frustration experienced by many of our members when addressing problems with IT in the home. To help you overcome this challenge, we work with Noah Freedman, as our recommended IT support partner. His intervention will be primarily via telephone and remote access, with home visits or workshop repair as required.

Support covers

  • Internet access (e.g. ISP selection, reliability, speed, router configuration, remote access, firewall, offsite backup);
  • Computing (e.g. desktop/laptop – storage, memory, speed, overheating, faults; tablet; phone; printer; scanner; local backup; wired/wireless home network);
  • Other devices and systems (e.g. TV, sound, access control, monitoring, security, heating, home automation, voice activation);
  • Software (e.g. anti-virus, operating system, updates, application conflicts, crash recovery, virus recovery);
  • Usage (e.g. set up; best practice file structure; file management, storage, archiving & sharing, including documents, photos, music, audio books, podcasts & videos).

The Circle Square offer

IT in the Home is a specially curated offering from Circle Sq.

Response time:

  • Aim to respond to an emergency call within an hour;
  • Normal response time within 8 hours;
  • Guaranteed response time within 24 hours;
  • Available during normal office hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30-18:00);
  • Consultation and emergency response during evenings and weekends.


  • IT in the Home services can be charged as a monthly retainer covering up to one hour per month via telephone and remote access; or on a per hour basis for remote support, home visits or workshop repairs
  • No charges are incurred unless agreed in advance.

Note: the contractual relationship will be between each Member and Noah Freedman directly.

What our members say

Noah is the most helpful IT person I’ve ever experienced. He possesses a unique combination of very deep and wide knowledge of IT matters, and a particular capacity to put himself in the shoes of the person who doesn’t know what he knows. He is endlessly patient and explains things in a way that is entirely user friendly.
Sara Collins
Noah has been helping us with IT problems since August. We find him extremely helpful, sorts out any problems we are experiencing and also sets up new software. We have Apple and Dell, both seem to be a breeze for him. He responds quickly, which is essential for when an issue arises. We recommend him wholeheartedly.
Nicky Michaels
Noah has helped us quite a few times on some quite tricky situations and has always found a solution. He is skilful, personable and very committed to getting things right. He is great to deal with and an all round decent bloke to boot.
Lawrence Lever

About Noah Freedman

I started dabbling in electronics at the age of 9 and funded my teenage years by repairing radios and TVs. I am a Chartered Engineer and have spent most of my professional career designing, building and troubleshooting technology-based hardware and software products and systems.

Now I am in partial retirement, but that experience enables me to find and solve many of the problems that frustrate users, both private and business, of such equipment. I enjoy problem-solving and empowering others to do the same.

I look forward to restoring a little calm to your life.

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