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Circle Square works with two direct investing firms, each providing different investment opportunities for our members.

Daring Capital connects investors with exceptional and underrepresented social entrepreneurs committed to building profitable businesses that have a positive impact on the world.

Invest Direct distributes an exclusive catalogue of direct investments in unlisted companies to professional investors and wealth managers. There is no fee to join the community, and investors can become involved in the companies they invest in.

Below are more details on the services available to Circle Square members.

Daring Capital - Invest in social enterprises

Daring Capital bridges the gap between investors and extraordinary, underrepresented entrepreneurs committed to building profitable companies with a positive impact on the world. Many investors are keen to align their financial goals with their more progressive social and environmental values, but struggle to source the right kind of companies in which to allocate their capital.

For entrepreneurs, traditional avenues for social investment often demand an extensive track record and operate through high-interest, short-term loans, while venture capitalists seek a 10x return within 5-7 years. Furthermore, most entrepreneurs are too early-stage for traditional finance like high street banks. Consequently, many turn to ‘friends and family rounds’ to secure their initial funding. But many entrepreneurs working to ease social and environmental problems, especially those serving disadvantaged communities, don’t necessarily have wealthy friends and family that can invest. This means that talented, passionate founders are getting stuck at the starting line. And so, investors are missing out on profitable businesses that solve real-world problems.

Recognising this gap, Daring Capital steps in to connect investors with impactful, profitable opportunities. With over a decade of experience in “business for good,” DC founder, Jem Stein is perfectly positioxned to guide investors who want to leverage their capital for environmental and social change.

The services

Investment Matchmaking To Extraordinary and Overlooked Talent

  • Daring Capital has unique access to a pipeline of founders launching profitable businesses that make the world a better place. Strategic partnerships with dozens of communities and accelerators means that you’ll gain access to the very best talent, with the very best ideas.

Due Diligence

  • Finding deals is one thing, assessing them is another. Daring Capital takes care of the due diligence on deals so you don’t have to. The team assesses hundreds of deals, and the best are put through an in-depth due diligence process. Only the best are presented to you.

Legal and Administration

  • When you decide to invest, Daring Capital handles the structuring, legal documents and administration through their FCA-regulated platform. You just sign the papers and transfer the funds. It’s that easy.

Bespoke Support Package

  • As you’ll know, money is rarely enough to make purpose-driven businesses successful. That’s why we design a post-investment support package for each business, which includes advisors, mentors, board members, introductions to customers and anything else the business may need. You can help shape that should you wish. This ensures that each business is on track to generate financial and social returns for investors.

Invest Direct - A direct approach to investing

Invest Direct distributes an exclusive catalogue of direct investments in start-ups and privately-held companies to professional investors and wealth managers. They independently identify and analyse investment opportunities in Switzerland and abroad.

Investors join the community free of charge and are part of the first community where companies can meet their future investors.

The services

Invest Direct provides qualified, professional investors from the Circle Square membership:

  • Access to diversified private deal flow
  • Independent, investor-grade assessment & valuation
  • Curated, conscientious match-making between investors & companies
  • Digital, bankable securitisation solutions

Invest Direct provides entrepreneurs among the Circle Square membership:

  • An independent, trusted 3rd party to assess operations/value their business
  • Assistance in raising funds/selling a minority/majority stake from our EU/CH/UK-wide investor community
  • Investment-readiness preparation by our senior team
  • A securitisation solution for the company’s equity

The Circle Square offer

Daring Capital

Circle Square members can attend one business showcase free of charge to see the businesses before deciding whether to invest.

All deals are eligible for EIS or SEIS tax relief and are presented on Daring Capital’s FCA-regulated platform. There’s no upfront commitment and you’re free to invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

Please contact Jem at for an introductory conversation.

Invest Direct

Circle Square members will be offered exclusive Investor Club events with the entrepreneurs to network and hear pitches.

Plus, Circle Square members who are interested in raising funds for their own businesses are offered a free “Investment Readiness” consultation with our team and review by our Wisdom Circle regarding their suitability for Invest Direct’s assessment, valuation, due diligence and investor match-making services.

To join the Invest Direct community, please register as either an Investor or Entrepreneur according to your interests at

The content provided is for professional, sophisticated investors from the Circle Square membership.  Circle Square does not offer financial advice, and is not liable for any financial losses or other damages that may result from decisions made based on the information provided.



Daring Capital

About Daring Capital

Jem Stein is the founder of Daring Capital and founder and former CEO of The Bike Project, a UK-based social enterprise providing bikes to refugees across England. Before stepping down in 2022, Jem scaled the company to £2.5m ARR and won several awards including social entrepreneur of the year and the EU social innovation prize.

Daring Capital was inspired by Jem’s experience twice raising social capital for The Bike Project and later sitting on the social investment committees of two large charitable trusts. With a degree from London School of Economics and a Churchill Fellowship in the USA focusing on social investment, there’s no one better placed to advise you on the most exciting and profitable social businesses right now.

Invest Direct

About Invest Direct

Invest Direct was founded by Frank Levy in 2020. Frank has more than 25 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Private Equity and has a varied background in audit and investment banking (Rödl & Partner, Oddo, Leven). A tireless entrepreneur, he has assisted numerous SMEs and start-ups with their equity transactions. In London, he created Capitalbooster, a fintech company that was sold in 2001. In 2007, he started a build-up of property maintenance companies in French-speaking Switzerland, before recently selling his stake.

Invest Direct focuses on 3 types of private equity allocation:

  • Venture capital, which finances young and often technology-based companies, is the most well-known. We favour companies with a proven track record (e.g. by having already raised several rounds of financing).
  • Growth capital, which supports companies wishing to increase their production capacity, expand their sales force or acquire other companies. In this case we focus on profitable SMEs.
  • Leveraged transactions, which sees a company being sold to a group of individuals (usually the management). We could find long-term investors to supply additional equity to these managers. They would then buy the company together in a Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO).

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