Circle Square x Rankin Photography Competition – winners announced!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Photography Competition.

This year, the Circle Square photography competition was judged by the renowned British photographer, publisher, and film director, Rankin.

The competition was aligned with Circle Square’s commitment to sustainability and invited amateur photographers to capture the essence of sustainable living.

We’re thrilled to have received an incredible array of stunning photographs, capturing sustainability in action from around the globe, from the UK to Switzerland and India. Rankin reviewed all these captivating entries.


1 Winner and 2 Runner-ups will each receive a beautiful signed book by Rankin.

The Winner

Martin Taylor

RE-JEAN-ERATION: The Mumbai Open Air Laundry, through the DWIJ organisation, upcycles used jeans and other clothing fabrics, to give them a second life which are then sold to fund social activities in India.  I recently visited Mumbai and the photo shows the incredible scene from above as you enter the laundry. DWIJ means second life in Sanskrit.

Rankin commented:
“Fantastic composition!  The juxtaposition effectively portrays the contrasting elements of traditional and modern society, as well as the impact of human activities on our planet. This image successfully conveys a compelling narrative, which is a crucial aspect of documentary photography.”

The Runner Ups

Michael Anderson

This was taken at Ban Pakla in northern Laos. For many months of the year, the sky is filled with smoke from the burning off of forest and other vegetation for farming. This was a relatively clear day, as at times you can’t see the sun at all.   Efforts are being made to reduce the annual burning but in a very poor country, it’s slow progress.  An important environmental issue in many parts of the world.

Rankin commented:
“The framing of the mountains in the distance showcases a brilliant composition, capturing the viewer’s attention and creating a sense of depth. The simplicity of the image, combined with its underlying story, resonates with the initiative and adds to its overall appeal.”

Noam Tamir

This is taken at a farmer’s barn in the Alps. I was impressed by the combination of natural beauty and the technological innovation of the farmers who had installed solar panels to power their operations.

Rankin commented:
“I love the effective use of leading lines in this image. The composition skillfully guides the viewer’s gaze towards the centre, creating a captivating focal point that captures a significant moment in time.”

Huge congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who particpated.  Here are some of our favourite entries.

To read the terms and conditions of this competition, please click here.

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