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We’re delighted to introduce a new member-owned business, Premier Home Help, to our Marketplace. A dynamic, proactive and experienced domestic staffing agency, specialising in satisfying clients’ individual needs. Established in 2014, Premier Home Help us run by women who know the domestic help market inside and out and are honest in their approach—theirs is service you can trust.

We all know and appreciate the never-ending demands of running a household, and all that it entails.  In the busy metropolis of London and the wider UK, it is often hard to find trusted, reliable and excellent home-help services. From housekeepers to cleaners, chauffeurs, chefs, Pas, nannies and companions, Premier Home Help provide a professional service that is calm and caring. 

Their services

Premier Home Help provides a variety of home-help services which include but are not limited to Housekeepers, Nannies, Home Care and Companions, Cleaners, Butlers, House Managers, Chauffeurs, PAs, Chefs and Couples. The variety of personalities and strengths of help they have recruited on their team allows them to cater to specific needs, wants and requirements.

The Circle Square offer

Circle Square members will receive 10% off all permanent placements.

There are no upfront fees for potential clients and invoices will only be sent once they begin their 8-week trial period with a candidate.

About Premier Home Help

Premier Home Help was founded by Circle Square member, Debbie Fenton, in 2014, after realising there was a gap in the market for an agency that looked after clients and applicants, whilst offering an excellent, affordable and honest service.

Debbie joined forces with Nenita Tamanguil, who had worked as her nanny-housekeeper previously for 12 years. With Nenita’s involvement in the Filipino community, and Debbie’s North London database, it was a recipe for success. Debbie has also made strong and successful contacts with the Indian, Nepali and Eastern European communities and is therefore able to offer applicants from a range of backgrounds and profiles.

Having run her own busy home for over 25 years with 4 children and a dog, Debbie has the perfect understanding of what is needed to ensure that both client and applicant are well matched and satisfied. She will always go the extra mile, as her clients will ascertain, and really loves what she does.

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