Live longer, better

Circle Square is committed to bringing members best-in-class services from trusted partners at exclusive rates. As a first step in building our health & wellbeing offering, we have teamed up with CP+R, the UK’s number one cardiac care provider, to give you the gift of more life. With first-hand experience of their health and fitness expertise, we are excited to introduce you to CP+R, who share our mission to help you live longer, better.

CP+R is for everyone, from individuals wanting to achieve health excellence to those needing to prevent ill health as well as for people who need expert rehabilitative care. They are cardiac specialists, making them particularly well placed to provide expert clinical care for people who need cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac prevention or support with cancer. Whatever your needs, CP+R will build a bespoke programme designed around you.

Invest in your health

Your CP+R journey begins with a comprehensive health assessment covering the four vital health areas: heart, functional, metabolic and mental health. From there, they establish your personal life goals and their expert team of Cardiac Coaches, clinical nurses and scientists will design your unique and holistic plan.

You’ll be paired with your own Cardiac Coach who will manage your journey, while motivating and inspiring you to succeed. You’ll benefit from 1:1 coaching, fully monitored exercise sessions and on-going heart-rate tracking. They also work hand-in-hand with your cardiologist, oncologist or GP, as appropriate.

Clients are reassessed every 12 weeks to review your progress and to ensure individual goals are being achieved.

What our members say

The match between CP+R and Circle Sq. is a perfect one.  At Circle Sq., we are discerning and want to get things right.  CP+R are absolutely the best at what they do. In December 2019 I had a major operation.  Before I had it, I went to CP+R, on the advice of a friend who is a consultant oncologist.  CP+R said that they would make sure that if I stuck with my physiotherapy I would be stronger and fitter after I recovered from the operation than before. And so I am. I have more stamina and strength, more muscle mass and my heart and lungs are stronger.  I can’t recommend them too strongly. 
Andrew Franklin
I took up the offer of a free CP+R one-month trial and...was impressed with the extremely thorough information and their in-depth assessment of my health. The nutrition advice is great and all the explanations across the board are really clear. Training sessions are remotely monitored via a heart rate monitor, and this is a big part of their approach. Caution with someone of my age is the watchword, especially when training virtually, which is reassuring. I certainly would recommend them.
Nicky Michaels

Exclusive to Circle Square Members

All members are entitled to 1 month’s FREE trial with CP+R and then discounted membership thereafter should you wish to continue.

The month includes:

  • A comprehensive health assessment, covering the four vital health areas: heart health, mental health, functional health and metabolic health. You will receive hundreds of data points, along with analysis of those most critical to you.
  • A personalised health plan to optimise your health and performance.
  • 12 hours of 1-2-1 guided exercise sessions with a Cardiac Coach, either in person or virtually.
  • 4 weeks of nutritional support and guidance.
  • Clinical and physio support.

To sign-up, please first complete a short questionnaire here and then book in for your consultation here.

About CP+R

CP+R provides private, bespoke, clinical exercise and lifestyle programmes, conducted either virtually or at their Harley Street clinic. They are trusted by world-leading medical consultants and organisations, whom have referred their patients to CP+R over many years and continue to do so. CP+R supports you through all and any stages of your health, from prevention to rehabilitation and on to health excellence.

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