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Our members are invited to discover, share, savour and enjoy great chocolate thanks to our partner, Cocoa Runners, award-winning purveyors of craft chocolate. Their promise is to search the world for the finest chocolate, handmade by artisans from the bean to the bar.

At Circle Square, we believe it’s important to indulge in life’s pleasures and through Cocoa Runners, we invite you to discover a world of intense flavours, extraordinary people and traditions that have been handed down for thousands of years. From the hard-working cocoa farmer striving to make a living from his harvest to the innovative chocolate maker working to get the very best from the beans to the organisations committed to sustainable, ethical development.

What Cocoa Runners do


Looking for a unique gift? Select from Cocoa Runners range of curated gift boxes, or create your own craft chocolate gift hamper for loved ones, foodies, or for anyone wanting more ethical, transparently-traded chocolate. See their selection here.


Cocoa Runners has a monthly subscription service with a selection of four chocolate bars delivered in a box specially designed to fit through your letterbox. These bars are carefully chosen around themes which showcase latest developments and the characteristics of “bean-to-bar” chocolate. “Under the wrapper” tasting cards complement each bar, bringing you the stories behind the chocolate, makers and growers. Great for gifts or for your own enjoyment. Find out more here

There are amazing worlds of chocolate out there, here’s a great way to explore them … each month it’s a total surprise as to what you’ll get and it’s a great way to experiment and discover new bars”  (Observer, April 2020)


Craft chocolate provides an amazing way to try something that not only tastes better, but is also better for you and better for the planet.  Cocoa Runners offers a unique way to discover more about the difference between taste and flavour, astringency and bitterness, and what causes the different textures in chocolate. You’ll explore and learn to appreciate the way flavour and taste develop like a wave, and the importance of checking the label before you buy. Tastings include a guided tour of how chocolate is grown and crafted (from the cocoa tree to the final bar) – delving into the wacky history and incredible socioeconomic impact of chocolate along the way. Check out their calendar of upcoming tastings here

The Circle Square Offer

All new Circle Square members will receive a complimentary box of Cocoa Runners chocolate as part of their welcome pack. Ongoing, members receive an exclusive 10% off Cocoa Runners products (excludes subscriptions).

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About Cocoa Runners

We are in the midst of a revolution. A chocolate revolution. From Brooklyn to Budapest, Cleethorpes to Copenhagen and San Francisco to Saigon, passionate single estate craft chocolate makers are creating tantalisingly delicious chocolate bars. They source premium beans directly from small farmers who value provenance and quality. The makers craft their bars in small batches and maintain high standards. Once you taste single estate chocolate, there is no going back.

But finding these bars isn’t easy. That’s why we set up Cocoa Runners. We love single estate craft chocolate bars – and want to share it with everyone all around the globe. What we do is run around the world discovering these makers and farmers. And then we send the very best bars to you.

All our chocolate is sourced direct from artisan chocolate makers. All our partners source their beans ethically from around the world. Many of them deal directly with the farmers themselves. This gives the makers an unprecedented level of control over how the beans are treated from the moment they are harvested, resulting in the best possible tasting chocolate. This direct trade also ensures that cocoa farmers in some of the poorest parts of the world get the best possible deal, and that you can feel good about eating every bar you receive.

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