Capturing your creativity

Photography Club

The Photography Club was started by a small group of members who are keen amateur enthusiasts. At each monthly meeting, the group chooses a subject, and then each member selects their best 4 images to upload onto the Club’s Flickr group.

Members analyse each image — from cropping, choice of colour vs. black and white, location, reason for the selection etc.

To date, subjects have included: clouds, photography at night, trees, macro, water…and tomatoes!  The discussions are very constructive, with a lot of learning taking place. But always in a really light-hearted and helpful manner.

There is great camaraderie, as well as a fun sharing of aesthetic senses and knowledge in a rapidly evolving digital world.

We welcome anyone else who would like to get involved and share our enthusiasm.

Please contact Anne-Marie, our events manager, at to join!

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