If you stand on the shoulders of giants…the giants must be happy

Leaders of companies move on, to their next thing, in fresh directions, with expert advice. Their worth to the enterprises they have built, however, should endure – a foundation for aspiring younger colleagues.

The next generation will see that there’s space for their own growth. And that senior leaders travel on a trajectory they too can strive for. To succeed, career transition needs smart planning.

Circle Square’s Planning Your Next Chapter programme is a unique and comprehensive transition strategy for partners and executives, as they move beyond their formal careers towards new opportunities.  We help them to navigate this passage in a tailored and meaningful way, so they’ll build on and amplify wisdom and expertise acquired over years of professional experience.

Set your direction

Pathfinder™ is our unique tool to illuminate and inspire your future.

Set your direction
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Build your roadmap

Practical and wise transition support to jump-start your next chapter.

Build your roadmap
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Engage with mentors

Unmatched access to the most experienced and diverse mentoring talent.

Engage with mentors
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Widen your network

A vibrant 50+ peer network, inspiring countless opportunities.

Widen your network
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Retire? Relax? Rev up!

The best is yet to come.

We support successful transition of top professionals towards empowering, creative and exciting post-career lives.

Our Planning Your Next Chapter programme is fully tailored for each individual, enabling them to:

  • ✓ Find new directions with Pathfinder™
  • ✓ Be guided by an expert team of advisors
  • ✓ Unlock fresh ideas and inspiration in 1:1 sessions
  • ✓ Leverage the insight of peer mentors
  • ✓ Put wisdom to work with new opportunities
  • ✓ Belong to an enriching community
  • ✓ Dive into exciting Circle Square events and activities
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What´s on at Circle Square?

The programme gave me clarity on how I wanted to live my next chapter. It became clear that mentoring and charity work held most meaning for me and so, thanks to Circle Sq. support, I have taken this forward.
The foremost reason for companies to invest in Circle Square’s programme for exiting partners is the added value their mentorship brings. The quality and gravitas of their team adds value to the whole transition process.
Having specialist support from Circle Square meant we were able to not only cope better, but to make it a positive experience that benefited the firm’s culture, with an appreciation for the complexities of this life stage. A very worthwhile thing to do,
Working with Circle Square, we were able to mitigate the tensions that may arise when a long-serving and valued senior member of the team steps down and manage change in an orderly and sensitive way.
The entire process was brilliant. I couldn’t have envisaged the impact the process would have on me. Thanks to Circle Square, I was given the confidence to embrace change in a really positive way.
The generosity of the Circle Sq. team was striking. They were warm; inclusive and welcoming and these intangibles make the experience all the richer.
There is no pre-determined process, which I liked. Planning Your Next Chapter is about you and the programme is built around you – no-one else.
Circle Sq.’s value lies in the fact it offers you the building blocks of your future. And the network gives you the support and contacts you need as you embark on your next chapter.
The foremost reason for companies to invest in Circle Sq.’s programme for exiting partners is the added value their mentorship brings. The quality and gravitas of their team is hard to beat.

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